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The time when HR was considered as a supportive department, carrying out payroll and administrative functions is far behind us.


Whatever the business, whatever the product, the most profitable resource of a company is People. 
Hence, aligning your HR policy with your business strategy is the key to being successful. By considering the impact your business objectives have on your employees, you will identify how your employees can impact your business success.

After several years working for leading Executive Search Firms, it became clear to us that traditional recruitment agency business model was no longer effective under the current Human Resource environment. 


We believe talented people are everywhere and our search cannot be restrained by geographical borders. We are committed to find you the best candidates, across the country and abroad. Thanks to state of the art technology we are now able to interview people real-time through visio-conference.


Our model is based on key partnerships with local consultancy companies that will channel your requests and assist you during the entire recruitment process on our behalf. We are committed to search for the most qualified and suitable candidates for your organization.

We aim to advise you on the best options to achieve your recruitment goal.

About Us

Because your company's most profitable resource is People, our role is to find you the best talented candidates.

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